Aside from DJing, Maira loves to cook, and she is kind enough to share them through the gram OFTENLY! This time on TOP 5 she will list her favorites go to dishes and her take on cooking itself!

1. Beef Thai Salad

I think I love to cook because its similar with Dj-ing. You need a right timing to adjust everything in cooking.

2. Kerapu Teishoku

Need to mix ingredients that’s suitable so that it taste good. Same as mixing a track.

3. Udon

Outside of the similarities, I love to feed my love ones with my creation. It’s a part of me showing love I guess.

4. Kimchi Less Spicy

The most challenging part of me with cooking is plating the dishes. Its haaard! I learned that with a good plating, the food will elevate even more. I will learn how to plate better! ????

5. Tuna Sandwich with Fried Mushroom

I hope you guys will be a master for the skill you love! lets keep practicing ✨