There’s nothing like it. The first impression of what you can grab through Ardnek’s illustration. It’s witty and whimsical, with the palette he chose and his most likely Japanese 70s pop culture influenced with thin line illustration, it’s easy enough to differentiate his work with any illustrator out there.

Throughout his journey as an illustrator Ardneks, or goes by his everyday name : Kendra Ahimsa faces the up and downs. From having his artwork presents to biggest names out there like Khruangbin to someone who copied his work. Ardneks surely mesmerised us with his colors.


Upcoming this December, PC has the chance to collaborate with the artist himself in a virtual event Fash Futur Fest. Excited with about this collaboration, we got a chance to talk to the artist himself in this PC Pullover.

How would you describe yourself ?

A cat person. I dedicate two-thirds of my day taking care of my five cats. I love music, films, and am quite a perfectionist when it comes to work.

What’s your main inspiration for your artwork ?

Colours. If I’m watching some random films and see interesting colour combinations or maybe going to a record store and see some greatly coloured LPs, it really makes me want to just go to my work desk and try them out.

If you can describe your artworks in 3 words or less what would they be?

Highly-saturated, whimsical and trivial.

Ardneks always mesmerized us with it’s color chosen. Is there any reason for the colors you chose and what’s the process behind it ?

It’s intentional. When I first started, I only drew black and white stuff. It wasn’t long until I hit the wall. It just wasn’t singular enough. I want people to glance at my work and know right away that it’s mine. I looked up to my heroes and tried to see what makes their work great. How they draw figures, trees, seas, everything, but the most noticeable quality is that they have their own colour palette. So I developed my own, my shade of red, yellow blues, greens, pinks, and how to apply those colours to my work.

How do you feel about your artwork from 10 years ago ?

It’s colourless but they ain’t bad. It’s part of the process and it’s important as an artist to evolve, like David Bowie or a pokémon. Even Lou Reed dyed his hair blonde once.

The most memorable moments of your career as an illustrator ? Why ?

I saw twelve strong Japanese men working together putting my 6x6m billboard up in Dojima Crosswalk, Osaka around christmas time 2016. It’s filled with blinking lights and as the sun went down it lit up, so unreal. Japanese visual arts was and still is my compass as an artist. I grew up with them like most Indonesian kids from my generation were. I feel an immense joy and a sense of accomplishment at that moment.

The most important artwork you ever made ?


My first full-coloured piece titled “Celestial Broadcast”. When I finished that I thought “Holy shit, this is it!”.

If you can do any illustration for anyone, who would it be?

If I could draw something for aliens, that would be cool. By aliens I mean an actual extraterrestrial being. Someday.

If you’re not an illustrator, what would you do in this exact situation?

Probably a cat motel owner.

What’s the story behind the artwork you make for our current collaboration ?

It’s titled “Mirage:1964”. It’s about a girl who just “opened” her eyes and expanded her mind for the first time and seeing, experiencing, appreciating random beautiful things around her.

How’s your experience with the collaboration between you and PC ?

It’s great, really. I can’t wait to see how the products turn out!

What do the futures hold for you to predict ?

Surprise me. I gave up predicting the future in 2001 when there’s no flying cars and people not wearing space suits.

We are so excited about this collaboration and it’s coming sooner than you know.

For more on Kendra’s work you can check it here.