Yasvi Djaganata, Fashion Stylist

A burst of colors is what we can say if you’ve met Yasvi. Wearing head to toe fun and bright colors, meeting Yasvi might be a mood-booster for anyone that’s around him.

Yasvi Djaganata or as we may know as Yod, has been living in his own colors as a stylist since 2017 and has continuously grew with his work. With significant style of colors and pattern clashings, Yasvi brings fresh visuals to his work.

In this edition of Pull Over, Yasvi shares with us not only his exciting and meaningful experience of being in the styling universe for over the last 4 years, but he also shares the reason he loves colors.

How do you define your style as a stylist ?

I prefer to be known as a unique stylist. By only looking at my work they would know that is my work. Having a personal trade and character that is easily recognized. Highlighting the perspective to clash patterns and of course with a unique color combination, maybe it can be a plus point that is different from the others.

When and how do you find yourself a stylist ?

Anneth styled by Yasvi Djaganata

As a professional stylist I actually gained some money out of this job when I started at the end of 2017. I started helping some of my film friends to support their wardrobe. I styled the actors.

In addition, I also helped with styling designs students (photo assignments) for their final project at that time. I started looking for ways how I could break through this industry because I remembered that I wasn’t from a prestigious fashion school or a child who had taken sewing courses. With no significant background. In the past, I studied basic communication, which I focused more on being a journalist. But at that time, I really got into handling my small business, namely @bajunenek.id fby handling the styling for the photoshoot. Hunting for clothes, back then it was my medium to learn what styling is all about. 

All that was until I encountered this miracle when I asked “a way” that I wanted to be serious in this career. I remembered I asked that in my prayers because of my condition at that specific time. I was handling some issues when I dropped out of school and was overwhelmed with my work. 

Afterwards, I encountered an old acquaintance I barely knew. I briefly greeted him and I even forgot his name. As simple as that God somehow showed me His way. The night after our encounter he greeted me via Instagram and said that he loved how I dressed and asked more about how I styled my products. Then he also asked me for my first ever project that actually pays. At that time I wasn’t asking too many questions. Up until now I’ve always been stoked on the project and it was the first path for my career. 

Would you say that you are someone who is brave to be different ? Why?

Yes, I’m not afraid that people will judge me about my appearance. I think that appearance is also a part of branding for my work. The “unique appearance” makes us easy to remember. Although not everyone can accept my appearance which is too much of a color. But as long as I do no harm to others. Why not? Although I’m already fed up that most of the time people will call me a clown, make their eyes hurt, a walking “odong-odong”, and I’m too much that it resembles a night market. None of their words makes me want to change. These words make me want to show myself more. I realize that in this country it is hard to be yourself, but with social media I feel I’m not alone. I found some friends that have the same reference with what I wear. So happy!

What’s your most memorable styling experience ?

Vierra styled by Yasvi Djaganata
Vierra styled by Yasvi Djaganata
Vierra styled by Yasvi Djaganata

This is so embarrassing. Honestly when I was in primary school/junior high I was so tacky. I am a big fan of Vierra (laughter). Up until now I still listen to their songs and it always brings a nostalgic feeling to my school days.

Up until one day, I got a chance to style them ! AAAA (he’s screaming online) that one day I was so nervous. Which got me thinking it was so crazy how I was so crazy about them and now I got to be a part of their videoclip project. It was so unexpected.

Honestly, it was so embarrassing. Up until I was in the location I told the vocalist that I really love their work! I will never forget that moment. It feels like they never got old!

The first styling you’ve ever did, and what did you feel at that time ?

CFC IDOL JUNIOR 2018 styled by Yasvi Djaganata

COVER CD CFC IDOL JUNIOR 2018. Up until now this project has been leading me to a lot of new opportunities and learning so many new things. I also got a chance to learn from a senior fashion stylist and have the courage to handle a styling job on my own. I’m always surprised and couldn’t believe that opportunity. At that time I didn’t even know what the photoshoot was for. I even still got in touch with Anneth (the winner of that contest) as my client.

Why the pop of colors ? 

I have loved colors since I was little. Until my parents used to get angry when matching some colors and patterns clash. My parents think, “Men should buy black, chocolate…” so “manly”. I’ve loved zebra motifs since I was little, orange color, purple. It still got into me whenI was in college. I’m like the only guy who wears leopard pants so confidently HAHA  and finally to this day that’s the way of dressing I like

What are the things that not everyone knows about being a stylist ? (the ups and downs, or even what you felt most of the time with your client)

A lot. The process for making it at this point has made me cry a lot, of course when other people don’t appreciate it. Our work is not being noticed.

Many said that my styling was like a child’s. Uncouth. Too crowded. Like a clown. Understated for sure. Rejection from everywhere. But I want to rise above it, I learned so many things.. I’m not embarrassed to ask. Back then, I couldn’t even make a loan letter, I didn’t know how to borrow a piece from a designer. Since I can’t sew. I studied all self-taught. I want to grow more and more. I want the people who ridicule us richly to realize that we have a potential, but the time is not now. That’s why we are given the opportunity to learn.

I was that kid who never steam or cleaned up my stuff. When I got myself to be an intern I learned that as a stylist is not only being cool because of our work it’s also because behind all that glamour we are also a “fashion slave”. Lifting stuff, moving from one location to another, getting washed up by rain, riding a motorbike for 40 km just to pick up clothes for a designer. Paying for the clothes that got wrecked. Being a fashion stylist makes us learn about how to be a responsible personality.

How do you feel about creative industries in the Jakarta scene these days?

It’s a really hard time in this era, there are many ups and downs. The situation we faced is more likely a full month with a lot of work, but it could also be a full month without work. It really feels like it’s a hard time, especially at the beginning of this industrial pandemic, everything is stuck. But that’s where we start to be more creative. Make work from home. But thank God lately this industry has started to rise again. Of course with a super strict protocol. I can only pray that it will recover.

If you can redefine the meaning of color, what would it be ?

For me color is everything. Without colors the world seems to be weird, it’s like empty

If you can live with one color what color would it be and why ?

courtesy of Yasvi Djaganata

I think it’s orange. I was crazy in love with the color orange. Up until now, everytime I look at something with an orange color I’m captivated. It feels like it’s crazy how a bland orange looks so vibrant in that color

If there’s any cartoon that you can “style” (by means you style their persona) who would it be and why ?

I won’t style any cartoon characters (laughter). They already gave me a lot of inspiration. I was crazy about Scooby Doo and Sailormoon. If you looked close enough to their style from that era up until now, it seems timeless. From each character design color combinations, up until their accessories. I could say I’m a big fan!

Your own mantra to keep you going until where you are right now 

To this day, I still feel insecure about my work. So sometimes I like to just talk to myself in my heart, “If you can’t believe in your work. How can anyone believe in you”. I think it helped me a lot when I felt really insecure about myself or my work. 

Your advice to anyone that wanted to be in this industry (creative industry)

Continue to explore your potential. Never be afraid to try new things. Don’t stick to one circle. In this industry, there is so much that must be explored and there are so many opportunities that you should try. Rather to have many failures than never try, in my opinion. So never be afraid.

I used to get advice from my senior, “This industry is small. If you are good, you are quickly recognized by people. Likewise if you behave badly. Other people in this industry are also quick to find out…” so I took the positive side from there. Always respect others. Whether it’s your senior or junior in this industry. We really have to learn together. It’s true when someone says that attitude describes who we are.

And finally as time goes by, we have to continue to grow. Don’t be stuck here and there. You must make progress at every step of the career that you want to do. You must have a target to achieve. Nothing is impossible in this world. Moreover, to survive in this industry is a grey area of difficulty and ease. I used to like to write things that would be my career achievements. It was quite successful in making me think ahead!

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