BASBOI – Adulting for Dummies / Photo by Sylvia Adelin

The ‘talk of the town’ this week was an album presented by BASBOI (Baskara Rizqullah). The boy who originated from Medan has just released his first album titled Adulting for Dummies, the album is actually a follow-up from his EP, Fresh Graduate. Consisted of 10 tracks with easy listening beats combined with his signature dialect rap.

All that we can say the album says a lot from the heart of where he comes from and his journey as an artist. We wanted to know more as many of you guys do, hence we got a chance to talk with him on what’s the fuzz behind the album. The real takes on why is it ‘Adulting for Dummies’. Take a peek at our short interview with BASBOI

Why is it called ‘Adulting for Dummies’? 

BASBOI : Because adulting’s sets of problems are my recent reality. It’s the recent thing that I’ve been trying to navigate and figure out. And I am a dummy. A total fool. I’m the kind of person who most of the time has to learn the hard way. And I also believe that all humans are dummies, nobody knows what they’re doing. We all make it up as we go. 

What inspires you for the songs ? 

BASBOI : Hardships, blessings, and relevance moment that I experience throughout my adulting journey

Tell us more about the collaboration inside the album, are there any interesting stories behind making it ?

BASBOI : Most of the collaborations in my album, are made with the homies. True friends. By means that the people I’m working with are already my friends – then we collaborate to make this project. A fun fact about the collaboration is most of the collaborators are of Medan origin. The illustrator, Niken Charisma, is my junior in high school. Hezo, the producer for ‘Grown Up’ is a Medan-based beatmaker who makes beats with limited resources. His house doesn’t even have any internet, ac, or even any of my usual equipment, which I take for granted. Nonetheless, he still could make good ‘art’ out of nothing. Mouzect (producer of ‘Gem in I’) & Stanizter (‘Make Me Proud’) is also Medan based producer and to have this many collaborators from Medan is never intentional, it’s pure coincidence.

People have been talking about the song ‘Bismillah’ which we enjoyed so much, what’s the story behind it ?

BASBOI : It’s actually the moment that I realize this: I mean I’ve been away (‘merantau‘) for 7 years now. I feel like I’ve been through a lot, I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve been to many places, lah. But at one moment I kinda see my journey on a zoomed-out view and realize that I’ve only moved a square. It is actually so small and so insignificant. And then I see the road ahead is super far and I don’t even know whether there is a finish line or not. So the only thing I could say in response to this is ‘bismillah’ and keep it ongoing. All of this that I’m feeling I believe that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Ditambah, we’ve been hit very hard by the pandemic. People were down, tengkurep, telungkup. Now people try to make up everything that doesn’t make sense. Trying to bounce back, and that’s also what I’m doing right now. So I wish all of us luck, and bismillah.

BASBOI – Adulting for Dummies / via Spotify

If you can rearrange the order of the album, how would you arrange it ? 

BASBOI : I wouldn’t rearrange it, because the story is already in the chronological way of an adulting journey, according to me, a dummy hahaha

We saw that your artwork pictured yourself most of the time as a monkey, why ?

BASBOI : I think I look like one ???? That’s the only reason hahahahah

BASBOI – Come Over / coutersy of YouTube

The one where we catch our eyes is the lyric video of ‘Come Over’, why such a concept ?

BASBOI : I need to make it stand out. I try to look for a visual reference dari video clip western musicians. I still can’t figure out how to make it really stand out. One day I watched the music video for the ‘Anak Medan’ song by Trio Lamtama. The video was presented similarly as ‘Come Over’. Then I realized, I should make one in the same manner. Turns out to be Indonesian or in a tacky way.Makes me stand out. Because almost all of the ‘cats’ that do music tried sweating blood to be very westernised. Turns out accepting my origin makes me stand out more.

If you could describe your album in 4 words, what would it be ? 

BASBOI : Witty, honest, raw, & distinct 

The album got its own taste bud, if it sits as a menu item in an Indonesian restaurant, what would it be ?

BASBOI : Nasi Padang (South Sumatran – Padang cuisine). A complete package. You got the beef, the chicken, the spice, the carb, the veggies. Yet it still goes as one heck of a meal. 

How would you see yourself in the next 5 years ? Are we going to see a similar album in the future ? Or what album do you fantasize about ?

BASBOI : In 5 years, I see myself as a financially free artist who makes a living from creating various art. hahaha, and art-wise I’ll have the most tacky work (i.e. : my album) yet still being the coolest that makes the “gaul” (cool) & the “katro” (tacky) groups might wonder how could he be cool if he’s tacky?. That’s my next dream job.

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