For us, watching Toy Story is one of the unforgettable first experiences of watching an animated film, especially for its first movie. With an interesting but simple story, until now Toy Story has managed to make everyone who has followed it from the start become loyal fans of the franchise.

Talking about Toy Story fans, we had a chance to talk with one of the names who can be considered a huge fan of the films, Boim Lenno. Known as a content creator, he’s also a sneaker enthusiast as well as a toy collector. Of course, he has a complete Toy Story toys collection. Spent most of his childhood watching Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and crew doing their action in movies, he never let go of the kid in him and still become one of the movie and its story greatest fans.

Here, he talks a few things about the reasons why he loves Toy Story to his toy collection.

We would like to start a conversation with you by asking, as fans and collectors of toys, especially Toy Story and several others, do you still remember what your first toy was?

Actually, the first toys I owned back when I was in kindergarten or elementary school, were toys like Tamiya and Beyblade. When it comes to Toy Story, even before old enough to study at school, I watched the movie almost every day, over and over again. It was just that I couldn’t have the toys at that time, because in the past it seemed difficult to find them, I didn’t know where to find them, especially the toys that were the same size as in the movie. At least I got the Happy Meals package or something, but I used to want the Toy Story toy in the original size. The real ones.

That means from the start, you’ve decided that you only want Toy Story toys that are the original size, right?

Yes, I want the same size as in the movie.

When and what was the turning point for you to finally want to collect toys?

I actually started collecting toys when I was in middle school when the first Transformers movie came out. Then I wanted it even more when I saw the display case at the toy store that displayed the toys really well. I guess, since then I’ve had a dream that if one day I collect toys, I should have kind of a toy display that is just as cool as the one in the toy store. Back then, it took several months to buy one by one, because I had to save up first. After slowly collecting toys, around 2009 or 2010, I just found a review on Youtube, about Toy Story toys that are real size and have details that are very similar to the ones in the movies. That’s because the toys are printed using 3D models like in the movies. The manufacturer is Thinkway Toys, so it’s official. Of course, I think that it’s a must-have. So yeah, I have all the toys until now.

So it’s been 12 years of collecting Toy Story toys? 

Yes, I guess probably 12 – 14 years.

Which character of Toy Story that you have in first your collection? 

Woody. I really like the character Woody in the movie. Then the toy itself uses a box that is exactly the same as in the film, using Woody’s Roundup box—if you watch Toy Story 2, that’s the name of the show, right?—so it’s as if we bought toys of Woody in the Toy Story universe.

Kind of like being Andy, isn’t it?

That’s right, and they left it blank on the bottom of Woody’s shoes, so you can write your own name there. I think it’s really fun.

What makes you like Woody the most?

First, in terms of looks, I think he’s unique; the lanky cowboy. When he comes to life, he can stand up straight, when he becomes a toy when people are around, he just falls down like a really limp toy.

I think people mostly, will immediately be attracted to Buzz (Lightyear)? No?

Could be, but I’m still Woody, really. I like the color too. His outfit color combination of a yellow shirt, red scarf, the brown hat, and denim. Then he also has a string to be pulled so he can talk. When we talk about Woody’s character, he is very loyal to Andy and any of his friends. He dared to take risks for the sake of other people. I think he also has true leadership towards other toys in Toy Story.

In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Toy Story? Which movie do you like the most?

I like the two sides of things that are offered in the films like actually, these toy characters have to cover up their true identities, that they are toys that can be alive. That concept somehow seems to relate to all humans. I think every human being also has two sides in them; what people show to other people is sometimes not who they really are. So, I think Toy Story was inspired by that. And it’s relatable like “Yeah, I also have a side of myself that I can’t show to other people”. Another interesting thing is that the film feels magical. When we play with toys, we often imagine that the toys are alive. Then when watching Toy Story, I feel like it serves our imagination really well, that toys can be alive and can do this and that when we’re not around. Toy Story 1 is what I like the most because it was the first film that made me like Toy Story until now.

Do you remember your first time watching Toy Story 1?

I think when I was 3 or 4 years old, my parents put the movie on DVDs. From the first time, I fell in love with the story and the design and look of the characters. Even now, I still love watching its films. I would say, Toy Story was the first animated film that I really liked.

Then, what else is interesting about your Toy Story toys collection? Do you think it awakens the kid in you or maybe you can feel like Andy because you have the real size toys?

You could say that when I finally got the real size toys from Woody, Buzz, and others, I thought it was really fun. Then, in my opinion, Toy Story toys will always be expensive and will be hard to find. So, just like in the movie, these are actually toys that are already rare. And, of course, it’s more like this collection could be handed down to my children in the future, as toys that is considered classic. Yes, maybe again, it felt like being Andy, like “This Woody belongs to me”, kind of feeling, you know what I mean?

How many Toy Story toys do you have now?

The ones that have been out of the box are 10. Plenty of that is still in the box, so maybe almost 20 in total. Remember, it’s all real size just like in movies.

Which one was the hardest to get?

I think Woody with the original box that I was talking about earlier. However, if we talk about it now, it seems that the Buzz Lightyear toy wearing a blue utility belt, just like in the Toy Story 2 movie, it’s kind of hard to get.

Besides toys, what other things from Toy Story do you collect?

T-shirts, Toy Story sneakers collabs.

Do you have any favorite quotes from Toy Story movies?

What I remember the most is the saddest one, in Toy Story 3, when Andy left Bonnie’s house after giving away all his toy collections, then Woody said “So long, partner” while watching Andy’s car move away. “To infinity and beyond” of course. It’s the most popular catchphrase and I think it has a very deep meaning.

Which Toy Story character do you think you can relate to the most and why?

For me, it’s Woody. I would always try to be kind and loyal to my friends because I consider them my family. I’m also pretty stubborn. (laughs)

In your opinion, who is the most underrated Toy Story character?

Emperor Zurg and Stinky Pete. FYI, Stinky Pete toys are rarely produced.

Woody’s Roundup collection.

Why is that?

Usually, when it’s first produced, it doesn’t sell well or because it’s not the main character.

But you have it for sure.

Yes, I remember my story, and my friend who is also a Toy Story toy collector ordered this toy which cost the price of a motorbike! It’s so rare and no longer officially produced in real size. So we ordered it from someone in China I think, who makes their own toys; it’s unlicensed but the details are really solid, really like in the movie. This is a collection that I will never let go of.

Boim and his friend who is also a Toy Story toys collector, Medy Renaldy.

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