Glyph Talk, the art punk duo consist of Ratta and Omar. (photo by Ridwan Tri Dharmawan)

From the several new music groups that have sprung up, one that has caught the eye is a duo called Glyph Talk. After a close examination, this unit was a project formed by Ratta Bill, vocalist and guitarist of indie-pop band Bedchamber, and his old friend, Omar Prazhari, who is known as the vocalist and guitarist of the band Atsea. Incidentally, both of them and their respective bands are rosters of an independent music label from Jakarta, Kolibri Rekords.

This group has quite an interesting sonic and artistic approach. They performed art punk / post-punk music; robotic, quirky, with an uncaring and a little awkward attitude, full of touches of influence from DEVO and similar bands. For us, there aren’t many bands like this here that can play this kind of music solidly, but we can say that Glyph Talk is doing quite well.

They have released their first single, “No Music”, a few moments ago and recently, they released their second single as well as their music video, entitled “Objection!”. Out of curiosity from what they state about who they are and how they appear — they put this on the bio more or less; “The duo that was formed out of boredom, frustration, and the rock and roll lifestyle. By staying true to their mantra of “no music”, the band refuses to explain further ”—we try to get them to explain more, not that further, but enough to get a glimpse of what this group is all about.

Read our chat with Glyph Talk below and maybe this one is the only chat with them that you’ll ever need.

How long has Glyph Talk been going?

Omar: More or less around a year or so.

Why did you guys choose to make this project and make music with each other? 

Omar: I think this is what baffles me. We’ve been playing music together for quite some time now. But we didn’t start writing together until the pandemic happened.

Ratta: Yeah, even before Glyph Talk, there were times where I was playing guitar for Omar’s band ATSEA. I think it’s also worth mentioning that I lately was into Canada’s independent music scene that has a lot of interesting post-punk bands going on, and that sparked the idea for me to ask Omar to form this band as he was already familiar with the scene I was talking about.

Why only two of you; not inviting others to join?

Omar: Easier to control the ego. (laughs)

Ratta: Less people to split the fee with. (laughs)

Made outta boredom and the love of art punk. (photo by Ridwan Tri Dharmawan)

For Omar, what do you like about Ratta?

Omar: Musically and artistically we’ve always been connected since I first met him. On top of that he’s a good friend, and also the best graphic designer in Jakarta.

For Ratta, what do you like about Omar? 

Ratta: Honestly, Omar is one of my friends with an incredibly diverse music taste that I always look up to. And he is like a handsome wizard in music. He will make everything he touches sounds good. No, really.

What makes the music you play; art punk/post-punk, interesting to you?

Ratta: I guess it’s the rhythm part that always moves me. There is something so fascinating about that quick and robotic drumming and groovy basslines which often sounds funny but at the same time very stimulating. 

Omar: The 180 and up bpm.

Can you describe Glyph Talk and its music in less than 3 words?

Ratta: Are you kidding?

Omar: Jokes.

How did the title No Music, for the upcoming EP, come up?

Ratta: I think it came naturally when I was writing the song “No Music”. The song itself was telling about an uptight situation where you feel pressured and don’t want to hear any music, like when you were 15 minutes away from the deadline, I think. Then it starts growing on us, because of how stupid and questionable it sounds. It’s also interesting for me because here in Indonesia the term “No Music” can also relate to something radical if you know what I mean.

Do you guys have any interesting stories about the making of ‘No Music’?

Omar: I got shit from my mom, cause I used the f-word in the song. I’m 26, by the way.

Ratta: This is the first time I made an album virtually. There’s literally only one song where we jam together to write while the rest is basically e-mail to e-mail. Funny.

What’s ‘No Music’, and Glyph Talk’s music, in general, is all about?

Ratta: I think it’s about two boys trying to figure out what’s the meaning of the universe. The world is a mystery, like looking at glyphs. And we are the two boys who are talking about it and trying to decode it. Our songs are always about me, you, they, sports, planets, Tesla cybertruck, dogecoin, palm trees, everything. We are the master of this holy universe.

Omar: Exactly what Ratta said.

Congratulations on the release of the “Objection!” music video! We like the “it is what is” and low budget-y vibe. Why did you pick that song to be the 2nd single and have a music video?

Omar: This song I guess is our most “accessible” song, so we kinda want to showcase that, I guess. (laughs)

Ratta: For me the song is very visual when you listen to it, so why not make a video about it?

What’s the song all about?

Omar: It’s about making a scene as you are about to say something, then you lose your train of thought and forget what you were going to say.

The shouting “stop!” become the main phrase in the song. In your opinion, when’s the right time to say “stop!” and when’s the wrong time to say “stop!”?

Omar: When the stoplight is red. Wrong time is when someone is explaining something and you cut them off. I hate when that happens.

Ratta: When the bad guys are coming, like Swiper.

You guys also said the music video is made out of boredom. What bores you? 

Ratta: Ourselves. We are two very boring persons.

Omar: Extremism.

What’s the thing that is never going to bore you?

Omar: That movie Paddington 2.

Ratta: Agree with Omar.

What’s the most boring thing nowadays?

Ratta: People looking at phones. Although phones are very fun but you get it.

Omar: Hateful religious rhetoric. F**k outta here with that bulls**t! It’s boring and outdated. 

What’s the most interesting thing nowadays?

Ratta: Cat memes and Glyph Talk music.

Omar: Us; all eyes on us please. 

What do guys wanna say with this group/project?

Ratta: Wait, I think I forgot what I was going to say…

Omar: Let me think… for a second.

Why should we care about Glyph Talk?

Ratta: Because we make music and music is fun!
Omar: Fun music for all age groups 🙂

Watch the official music video of “Objection!” below: