Dea Rahajeng, Photographer and Creative Director based in Bali

Further than beauty, is the first impression that you most likely had when you saw her work. Growing up in Bali, Dea had her own attitude on what she wanted to capture. In our opinion Dea has her own standpoint through her analog lens to capture the livelihood of the island of gods. 

To have another perspective on our latest Fall/Winter collection 2021, we leave Dea and her lens running around to capture our recent collection. 

Dea Puteri Rahajeng (@deashootsfilm) who has been capturing unique perspectives through her analog lens since 2010 shares with us some tea on what’s behind the beautiful frames that she took through some of our little small talks in this edition of PC Pullover. 

Do you remember when you were interested in photography?

The first time I encountered photography was back when I was 15 in junior high school

When did you use an analog camera for the first time?

Analog cameras have caught my attention since 2010.

Do you still have the photo of your first shot?

These are my first few photos that I took for the first time with an analog camera. I took it, washed and developed the film by myself :

Courtesy of Dea Rahajeng
Courtesy of Dea Rahajeng
Courtesy of Dea Rahajeng

What made you decide to shoot your first shot?

The idea was to capture the hectic situation in the capital city.

What’s so special about film photography, in your opinion?

It’s always fascinating to see the color composition and the angles of what to shoot during the process. Having to shoot the object in a perfect stance. 

Tell us the moment that changed your life in your photography career and why’s that moment?

An irreplaceable moment would be the time that I can visit a lot of cities or countries and the moments that got captured within the film rolls 

If you can describe your photography style in 3 words what would it be?

Beauty, Nirmana, and Life.

Hungry of money, Print on semi gloss paper add with muslin, 42 cm x 30 cm. Courtersy of Dea Rahajeng

Beauty, Nirmana, and Life – Dea Rahajeng

Living in Bali, what are the things in Bali that inspire you most towards your photography works?

The beauty of the island’s landscape. 

If you have the opportunity to shoot with anyone, who would it be and why?

Capturing the moment of my late father, in his presence at the exhibition of his paintings.

Other than photography what are the things that fascinate you most about?

Watching someone cooking in a famous restaurant in every place you could imagine.

What’s the weirdest thing in your opinion you ever shoot?

Empty plastic bags dancing on the streets. 

What’s the most fascinating place you visited to shoot?

Mountains of garbage at the Suwung Final Disposal Site (TPA), Denpasar. But I personally don’t recommend taking a photoshoot there.

What are your biggest pet peeves towards current trends in photography?

The one where the girl is holding an arm in front of her face.

If you are not a photographer and a creative director, what will you do for a living?

I’ll be going back to designing interiors

What would you say to someone who seeks advice on starting a photography career?

Capture the beauty that is in yourself not because of others.

Take a peek of Dea’s work through here.