Who doesn’t know the Oscar Award and its nominees, right? Yup, one of the biggest events in the film world appears again this month with a row of really cool Best Picture nominations.

In this Public Picks, we ask the PC Crew “Who’s Gonna Win Oscar Best Picture?” and of course everyone has a unique choice and their own reasons

  1. Fikri – Drive My Car

I really like Japanese culture, the film is delivered very beautifully from the story and cinematography, even though it takes time to build the narrative and characters with a strong emphasis because it’s 3 hours long ahaha, so you have to be a bit patient so the Japanese drama feels really slow paced. And the Actrees, Toko Miura is so pretty 

2. Darin – Dune 

Dune is simply one of the prettiest movie I’ve ever seen. The storyline was interesting, everything in it was so pleasing to see, and ofcourse how can you say no to Timothée Chalamet? Even they can make audience feel the mood and ambience of the settings.

3. Luki – Licorice Pizza

The reason I watched Licorice Pizza in the first place was because one of Haim’s band members; Alana Haim was a part of the cast. Turns out, the film was so good. How they capture the story is one of the best thing from this film. Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman grow up, run around, and fall in love in California’s San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. That is so cool!

4. Fikar – Dune

I think the visuals are okay and very interesting, plus the character in the movie is very brilliant But the most interesting part that this movie successfully make me say “wow, that’s crazy”

5. Jovi – Licorice Pizza

What i like from this movie is they have fresh actor and actrees that play a beautiful role in their own characters. This movie is about love but they wrapped it so nicely that it was far from cringe (and that’s good). I hope this movie is gonna win and is able to take home the best picture prize!