Squid Game, courtesy of Netflix

We gave up and joined the band wagon. Squid Game an originals from Netflix has been flooding all over our timeline from one social media platform to another. Although there are various reviews and being compared by similar shows that have a “game of survival” themed story line, the show itself is captivating for any audience with its exceptional production. The show successfully reached the number one most watched series, removing Bridgerton place. 

The show surrounds us with the main character, Seong Gi-Hun (played by Lee Jung Jae), a typical guy that deals with financial problems, gambling problems, caught up in debts, and having his life crumbling apart as his daughter and ex-wife were about to move out from the country. His tragic life was changed when he met a man with a suit that asked him to play a game which guaranteed that it would make everything better. The story then continues into a thrilling survival game and all its drama.

It’s not new but indeed refreshing for television series. In my personal opinion, the show being a satire talking about nowadays capitalism and its brutality is nicely packaged with amazing pictures, set design, and overall a good script. Although the show left us hanging with what I can say was an unnecessary ending, it was worth it with all the memes that showed up. 

We (PC Crew) of course have already seen the blood-bath game by ourselves and sometimes imagine what it feels like to become a player. In this Public Picks, PC’s crew re-imagine themselves as what if we are indeed in the game and who we will be. 

Darin (Marketing)

“I can see myself did not last long enough to live in that game”, she said. Darin tells us that she could imagine herself as player 250 (the second one to die) as she believed she has a literal zero surviving skills in this kind of game. It’s quite tragic.

Dhede (Finance)

Park Hae Soo as Cho-Sang Woo, courtesy of Netflix

He told us that he sees himself in the game as Cho-Sang Woo (the player that made its way to the finals). “It’s confusing to have that much money if I won anyway”, said Dhede. 

Fikar (Admin)

Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi Hun, courtesy of Netflix

“I could say that I resembled the life of Seong Gi-Hun, he always found himself in a bad situation and tight with debts lmao”, said Fikar. Imagining himself as Player 456, he will actually complete the game, win the game, with no regrets paying his debts, and adding a bit of philanthropic gestures, he will actually share the money with others. 

Amru (Product Developer)

Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali, courtesy of Netflix

His answer was quite straightforward. “I obviously will become Ali because he’s a moslem”, Amru said. He also thought about how Ali fulfilled his prayer five times during the game. 

Bagus (Graphic Designer)

The Final Bet, courtesy of Netflix

Bagus chose to be a drunk man as pointed out by Oh-Il Nam. “He holds a very important part of the series”, said Bagus. The man actually told us quite a life lesson for the whole thing inside the series. It’s tragic how a man that is actually suffering can still be gambled at a game between individuals plus it’s an easy part that he shouldn’t get involved much in the production of the film. 

Ponga (Product Developer)

Gong Yoo as Suit Guy, courtesy of Netflix

The handsome guy wrapped in a suit (played by Gong Yoo) is Ponga’s choice on what he will play in the series. “It’s nice to slap people around and give them a chance”, stated by Ponga. Although the guy only played a glimpse in this 9 part series, we do admit that he’s quite an interesting character.

Dennis (Sales)

Wi Ha-Joon as Hwang Jun Ho, courtesy of Netflix

Dennis said that, “I really want to know and identify this game deeper”. For him it’s interesting for us to know more about the funding of the game. For him the theory goes beyond just a bunch of super-rich people that are obsessed with Korean childhood games and playing with humanity. 

All and all we enjoyed our daydreaming being a part of this vicious game. If you were inside who would you be ?