Since we can’t go anywhere right now (and that’s the way it should be), one of the things we do to pass time is to find unique channels on Youtube. These videos have successfully made us lose track of time (in a good way); inspiring and entertaining us all at once. Through the millions of videos we’ve watched in the past couple of weeks, here are a couple of channels we religiously watch.

All of the channels mentioned below have been able to represent the feelings we’re feeling now; missing traveling to new and exciting places, the connection and rush you feel when watching live concerts, and so on. The other forms of content that we watch are typically light, as a way to cheer us up and to keep us going.

Therefore, this list could hopefully help you out as well as entertain you when in search of new Youtube videos.

Rick Steves’ Europe

Since traveling became something that was impossible to do, at least this channel was able to bring my imagination back to life by ‘visiting’ different parts of the world. This channel has quickly become one of our favorites since Rick Steves has his own way of portraying the various traveling experiences. His unique approach for us is one of the things we consider as a ‘game changer’. He chooses to visit places that are less touristy in European countries thus further increasing our curiosity on knowing and understanding the people, the culture, and their beliefs. We actually felt like we were pulled into the screen and were standing right there next to him. Even though we were still stuck on having these places on our wishlist. Great channel!

Reactistan (Tribal People Try)

Aren’t you curious to see the tribal people of South Asia: from India, Pakistan, and others try non-traditional foods and various types of junk food; even to try to do things for the first time such as play a Street Fighter video game? If you are the type of person who likes to watch such reaction videos, be sure to watch this channel. I can guarantee that you would be able to see a lot of interesting stuff here; from the critics of the people who usually cook the food they eat, to suddenly trying something completely new dishes that they’ve never known before.  Plain, fun, and sometimes heartwarming in a way.

Rose Anvil (Cut In Half)

This one channel can also be a cure for your curiosity about footwear. Starting from your favorite sneakers to even boots such as Dr. Martens. On the ‘Cut In Half’ channel, Weston Kay; the leather expert tries to dissect (both literally and figuratively) sneakers and boots down to the details. The trick is to cut it (everything) in half, hence the name. Here you can see how the shoes are stripped down to the sole and Rose Anvil will tell you whether the shoes are of good quality and worth owning or not. There’s nothing wrong with adding some knowledge about the objects that you have and collected so far. Plus, sometimes it is satisfying to see our shoes disassembled here, for some reason.

NPR Music (Tiny Desk Concert/Tiny Desk Home Concert)

We’ve always been eagerly waiting for the new episode of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert. There have been so many musicians who have performed on this platform and given us such interesting sets. A bit of fun fact (and common ones probably): Tiny Desk Concert always uses the same venue, in the editorial office of NPR Music. That particularity seems to be what makes this channel interesting to follow, apart from the curation of the viewer. However, in this pandemic era, the Tiny Desk Concert has been slightly modified to become the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. It doesn’t lose its taste, in fact, it has become even more personal—since we can see musicians performing in different places. At the very least, this channel can be a destination if you miss watching live music.

Mamank Kuliner

Personally, I think that this has become one of our favorite local Youtube creators. Mamank Kuliner could be considered as underrated since they have not gained the recognition as what other local food bloggers have achieved. Hanif (the genius behind Mamank Kuliner), has a unique way of creating his videos. He uses a narrating voice, and don’t even get me started on the way he reviews the dishes he features on his channels. It definitely does have a mouth-watering effect that immediately causes our stomachs (and probably yours) to grumble. Honest and no-nonsense. In addition to that, he does it all at home. He wants to normalize eating take-outs at home instead of going out during these times. Salute!