Every day we definitely don’t (and can’t !) stop scrolling Instagram; whether for work or leisure time, but what is definite, this platform doesn’t stop giving something interesting, especially if you really want to spend time to ‘observe’. Sometimes, there are many things that are not that important too, but that is not the point we want to talk about here.

Recently, and it’s been a long time, we’ve been listening to several accounts that never disappoint with their content, to provide references or just to fulfill our need to see good and interesting things on Instagram. The visual curation and the concepts they present may vary, but one thing they have in common is that they are very clear about what they wanted to represent. There are even some that we think are quite intent on looking for content and we are quite applauded for that.

From all that we have seen, here are some accounts that we can recommend. Maybe some of you already know, maybe not. But it never hurts to try to see the following list.


The ‘child’ from the owner of the @oldmanalan account, Alan Galloway, contains many things from art, fashion, to many other things that are closely related to subculture. Whether it’s photos that come from this era or photo posts in the form of artifacts from decades ago; the ’80s, ’90s, to 2000s. In addition, this account name is also quite interesting, taken from the care instructions that are usually written on clothing labels. If you’re looking for a good visual reference or just collecting a mood board, this account can be your destination.


As a fairly acute film fan, this account is one of the most important accounts for us. At least, we can get lots of movie references, from popular ones to obscure B-movies though. This is a tribute to films from the era before a lot of CGI effects were used for film purposes. The contents are all movie stills from the films discussed.


If you like sneakers and explore various things in them; maybe Obscure Sneakers will be the one to fulfil your interest. You can find photos from random shoes to established brands—but maybe you’ve never had an idea that they’ve ever released something as absurd or as obscure as this. We really salute the people behind this who are willing to spend a lot of time in their lives hunting for their shoes on eBay and the like, just to share and impart knowledge to many people. Sneaker geek at its best.


This account can be considered a semi-humorous account, for us, it’s also a tribute to the T-shirts designers posted here. Have you ever walked to the market or trade center again and you saw a lot of T-shirts being sold that had super goofy designs or were really random and spelled wrong (whether intentional or not)? Well, this account wants to raise its attention. They collected photos of T-shirts with hilarious and ridiculous designs until in the end, they became a brand that sells T-shirts with the same design wisdom and attitude as those random T-shirts. We often think about having all the shirts here.


It is also an account dedicated to the fashion subculture and pop culture of various eras, especially the ’90s. You will see photos that seem to be scanned directly from magazines or collected from various sources. It’s only about a thousand posts, but we’re sure you can get lots of ideas and visual references here. Or maybe you’ll find a never before seen photos.


We can say that we are quite happy with this account because they really intend to collect photos of celebrities and famous figures while wearing sneakers. The curation is also interesting and they also explain clearly, what kind of celebrity is wearing sneakers. Detailed and entertaining. You may also find facts, which make you have like “OMG, I never really knew they wear it on that movie!” kind of reaction when looking at film clips or photos of the artist posted there.