The weekend sometimes just goes by in a snap. We believe that most of us chooses to spend our leisure time by watching hot takes on Netflix’s movies or other channels (well rather than going out because who has that much energy).

We spent the whole weekend watching what’s currently recommended by Netflix and/or our friends. Although we are not a professional movie critic (sometimes we’d like to think that we are, who doesn’t?), here are our hot takes on the latest movies.

  1. The Medium
courtersy of The Medium (2021)

We can always rely on Thailand when it comes to producing horror movies. The Medium presents us a documentary film team perspective in a horror movie. It tells a story about a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand, where it continues on how a shaman was possessed by a local deity in North-East Thailand but soon turns into something horrifying and becomes a diabolical nightmare that you could have never imagined.

It was co-written by Na Hong Jin (from The Wailing) and the genius behind ‘Shutter’, Bajong Pisanthanakun. This film is something that we can say as a slow burn movie; as it never is in a hurry to start ratcheting its audience. The film lunges into the forefront only after the board is set and all characters are properly introduced. Downright shocking is what we can say and for some, disturbing. The movie’s moment are uncanny powerful, supported with a convincing performance by all the actors.

All and all, The Medium is one of these horror movies that successfully has made us peed in our pants with a weird feeling afterwards. It does take some time for it to kick in, yet however the terror and skin-crawling imagery is a un-implacable as it is unsettling. You surely don’t want to miss this one. Let us know what’d you think of it in the comment section down below.

2. Love Hard

courtesy of Love Hard by Netflix (2021)

If you’re looking for a fresh comedy starring Nina Dobrev, well this is probably something you don’t want to miss. Nina hasn’t re-appeared from the tvd days since 2019 on Vampire Diaries. The casts also includes of Darren Barnet and Jimmy O’ Yang (yes that funny guy from Crazy Rich Asian). Love hard may be as what you expected; a cute romantic comedy Christmas film, but who doesn’t love a corny story from time to time?

Love hard tells a story about Natalie Bauer, an unlucky woman who especially has had her fare share with online dating. As she tells herself that she had already found ‘the one’, the story turns into quite a downhill might we say (though it is a wholesome downhill for us not for her). She later found out that she got cat-fished by a guy named Josh who pretend to be Tag, the ideal guy. A classic cat-fished story but wrapped in a good screenplay and acting. The overall story line is very well written and it also serves you a warm execution from production wise.

It’s a fresh movie that we can all lolled through it. Another win for Netflix and certainly something we highly recommend.

3. Hypnotic

courtesy of Hypnotic by Netflix (2021)

Different to the other two movies we’ve been reviewing, this movie is quite the opposite. This Netflix’s original did not get swallowed well from its audience. Some even said it’s a Riverdale rip off.

Hypnotic talks about a young woman (played by Kate Siegel) seeking for self-improvement from her dreadful life and tried to renowned it with hypno-theraphy. It provides a decent (almost that bad) of acting. There’s no subtle nuance on the film and it’s just like your average breakfast. It has a fun premise but is not well executed and it just simply doesn’t make any sense.

In conclusion we could say that Netflix be trippin’ on this one. Straight of the bat you’re going to know what’s going on and what will happen to the main character. A straight mediocre movie.

4. The Guilty

courtesy of The Guilty by Netflix (2021)

We are definitely curious regarding the budget of this film. An unusual film starring Jake Gyllenhaal gives us an excitement on a small set and it’s interesting dialogue. The film is actually a remake of a 2018 Danish film called Den Skyldige (which translates to The Guilty), which reportedly was based on true events. The original movie’s director, Gustav Möller, said it was inspired by a real 911 call he listened to on YouTube.

The movie tells a story about Joe (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), a cop who is in some sort of trouble, which his problem was later introduced at the end of the film. Suffice to say, what he did was ‘serious’ enough that he was taken off street duty and assigned to 911 calls until his hearing. Joe who never was never really able to got out from his memory of what he done in the streets always takes every phone-call too seriously. It’s admirable what he did, but some internal issues became one of the hurdles. Joe is a man with anger issues which could be seen throughout the movie.

Unusual takes on the film can be seen on how the set were so minimal that it all takes place in a dispatch room – this means that you can only see the main character and some supporting character (his co-worker). The uncommon perspective might sound boring to some audience, but the intensity and amazing storyline makes us never take off our eyes from the screen.

Overall the film serve us new perspective, detailed, and not a dull kind of movie. Something that we highly recommend for those who is a thriller junkie.

5. The Suicide Squad

courtesy of The Suicide Squad by HBO MAX (2021)

DC fans approved. The sequel from it’s first movie The Suicide Squad (2016). You can see our beloved Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn coming back alongside Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Blackmails Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man, King Shark (Sylvester Stallone), and Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). This time the movie tells a story about a group that is tasked to infiltrate the island state of Corto Maltese after a military coup came in to take out an alien starfish.

James Gunn, the director has successfully added fun colors to the scenes. It gives the audience a candy-coated punch. It’s very much enjoyable rather than the first one. The actors that should be highlighted was Idris Elba and his characters that are built with a detailed layer. Audiences were to say the least extremely drawn to his performance and story.

Although you may put no expectations towards this movie, it’s a new outtake on the direction might surprise you. So this movie might be just for you.

Well we don’t have that much time on the weekends as we can only catch up to a certain amount of movies in a two day span (wish we could have more). Let us know your take on these movies!