Because one of our favorite things to do is to find interesting news to read and listen to, we figured we would share this with you—in case you are curious about the things happening around us and the world today, beyond what has been widely reported.

Starting this month, we want to try to select and collect various news stories containing things that we think are interesting, unique, at the same time a bit absurd, strange, and can be fun. The stories here may pass your attention, but we thought you should know. Whether it’s to increase knowledge, to be a story that you share with your closest friends, or as simple as knowing something new each day.

For the month of August, here is what we managed to collect. Happy reading!

The Most Liked Instagram Pics (So Far) Today is The Photo of an Egg

It’s always funny how social media, especially Instagram, can do. Recently, to celebrate World Photography 2021, we were curious to see what’s the world’s most-liked photo on the photo-sharing platform today. And well, we found the fact that a photo of an egg is on the very top of the list. Yes, a brown chicken egg and no nothing, just an EGG. It has more than 55 million likes and no celebrity photo has yet topped that; not even names like Lionel Messi, Billie Ellish, or Kylie Jenner. How did that happen? We certainly don’t know. But one thing we know, this photo was the first post by an account called world_record_egg. The caption was quite simple: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.” Yes, they certainly got that. Do you guys think there’ll be another photo that could reach this landmark?

‘Cat Garden’ is A Home for 200+ Cats Complete with AC Rooms and Wait for It…Mini Theatre!

This story came from Gujarat, India. A lot of cats there should be saying thanks to a man named Upendra Goswami. Upendra has successfully built a place called ‘Cat Garden’; it’s basically a house built for the home of cats. He established this place in 2017 and since then has become a home for 200 more cats and kittens. He and his family also started raising many cats since then and treat them all the four-legged creature as part of the family. Well, not only the place is quite wide; spread across 500 square yards, it has all the facilities all the cats needed: four AC rooms and 16 cottages along with 12 beds. Not only that, the cats are provided with showers and a mini theatre where the cats watch animal-related shows in the evening. Of course, food 3 times a day with the best brands of cat food. ‘Cat Garden’ is also opened for visitors for four hours every Sunday with minimal entry fees. Can we give this man and his family our utmost respect for becoming a dedicated and loving cat man?

This Man Jumps Into a Lake Every Day for the Whole Year

For the course of time in these pandemic years, every person could develop a new daily ritual; mostly to kill the boredom of being indoors. For example, this 53-year-old man from Chicago, Illinois, US, named Dan O’ Conor. He has found a new activity and it’s to jump into the cold waters of Lake Michigan. And he’s been doing it every day for a year! Besides his oddities of jumping into the lake every day, as a musician himself, he has a purpose to help to raise awareness for struggling Chicago musicians and venues. Such a cool guy!