At this new episode of Public Picks, this time, PC Crew had the opportunity to talk and have some fun with Adi Dharma (Stereoflow), So we present you some interesting information and facts about Stereoflow

Jakarta-based artist Stereoflow (Adi Dharma) is best known for his bright and colorful style that often encourages conversations between the artist and the viewer. His works are a combination of all the visual styles he has explored throughout his career.

Stereoflow has start his career from graffiti, street art, to contemporary art. Everything he has experienced is chosen  and filtered in becoming a whole new iconic style.

By using simple shapes and colors, his work interprets the simple and cheerful mood of 80s music. It is composed abstractly with the hope that people can feel more of the visual vibes rather than questioning the meaning. It is the same when listening to music, just listen and enjoy.

Embracing a multimedia approach, Stereoflow’s portfolio includes large-scale murals, paintings, prints, sculptures, and also installations. He has exhibited his artworks in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

Alongside his exhibitions, Stereoflow has collaborated with many brands such as Mini, Fiat, Samsung, TehBotol, Mowilex, Rider Underwear and various others.