At this new edition of Public Picks, PC Crew have just made a bit of chat with Anindya Anugrah ( @_phantasien ), sharing her journey as an illustrator, her works and everything that revolves around her life.

Anindya Anugrah, who also goes by the name Phantasien, is a self-taught illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She takes a different approach in illustrating where she makes collage from public domain materials and combines them with her drawings, creating seamless painting-Esque collage artworks that has completely new enchanted narratives. 

Her work’s fictional components focus on a medieval fantasy world, mixing visual puns from the 21st century with historical allusions from different eras. Phantasien’s work depicts scenes of medieval fantasy that make us consider how different our current civilization would be if it originated from an alternative history, keeping in line with speculative fiction themes.

Apart from her medieval-influenced illustration works. She also worked together with one of the e-commerce called Mossery to sell Notebooks, Planner, Sketchbooks, etc. Also, she has just released a women apparel called “Airy-Fairy” which consists of several types of reversible clothing.