Given that it’s almost half the year of 2021, we decided to ask some of the important figures behind Public Culture to list their likes and dislikes, especially over the last few months. What do they like and enjoy doing, and what they don’t like, even to the point that they think it’s annoying. Sometimes, this kind of semi-fad is fun. We get to know each other better and can sort of flashbacks and remember what we’ve been through. Some are simple mundane things, some are in more serious notes. These days are really weird, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to live in it.

Hanifia Ramadhani (Creative and Marketing)

Likes: Vaccinated! 

Dislikes: I think my anxiety level has tripled up this year. (laugh)

Joviana Henza (Creative and Marketing)

Likes: My favorite soup (re: soto)  is already open, I can have an iftar again with my college friends — meet them in person, and I can see dogs again at Como Park (re: a dog park in South Jakarta).

Dislikes: You still have to wear a mask at all times and you have to always have a swab test every time you get sick.

Karl Heins Dennis (Sales Manager)

Likes: Have lots of new activities, for example cycling, so meet new friends. Get sweaty and hang out.

Dislikes: The government is not serious and indecisive in dealing with this coronavirus. In my opinion, with the authority they have, they should be more able to manage the people. For example, there are many unclear rules; homecoming is not allowed but the tourist sites are open. In my opinion, it just seems useless. I see that the government seems to think that the pandemic has become a “normal thing” – apart from vaccines. They should be decisive in getting people to stay at home for a period of time to stop the spread of the virus. With the national budget they have, it should be able to be allocated to the people who are at home for a certain period of time. I see this is a kind of “herd immunity” wrapped in the same vein as “Indonesia’s economy is fine, even though the micro-economy that is currently being lived is also half-baked. The income of many people is also half; all because of half-hearted decisions from the government from the start. In essence, they seem like they have never learned from last year’s experience.

Amru Febrian (Graphic Designer)

Likes: Watching Matty Matheson Cooking Show to inspire me while I try to cook something. (laugh). When he cooks, it looks “hard” but it’s really fun. I wanted to make a sandwich after watching the show, I don’t know why.

Dislikes: My sleep routine. Recently, I have become a nocturnal human being, only able to sleep after 3 am, due to a shift in habits from the fasting month yesterday.

Riezky “Ponga” Hana Putra (Graphic Designer)

Likes: Thrifting and re-watching The X-Files. Thrifting because it’s been a hobby since forever and I  needed extra money. (laugh) I like watching The X-Files again because I think Scully is hot.

Dislikes: I guess I have nothing dislike in the past few months.

Bagus Setyo Nugroho (Graphic Designer)

Likes: Recently, I like to eat noodles every day and cook for Bakmie Cukong. I also really like riding a bicycle, using fixed gear while listening to my favorite playlist. But lately, I don’t like speeding anymore, because I like to stop and look at houses in old complexes, with old school designs that have fences and the door separated too far; there is a star fruit tree or rambutan. The fences are really short, very thief friendly. Oh yes, lately I also like to eat with my hands; without utensils. At most, chopsticks, but other than a spoon, fork, or knife.

Dislikes: I don’t like designing often. I want to conceptualize a lot, but I don’t want to design.

Dissa Aswari (E-commerce Account Manager)

Likes: I love every time I meet my friends in person. Now it feels more meaningful because last year I never met them.

Dislikes: There are still many places to eat, where I met my friends, which closed early. Same feeling of insecurity, afraid of being raided when you eat there.