It’s the strangest time of the year (well, at least for us). With less than just 5 days towards welcoming 2022, it has brought us too many feelings and memories that quite frankly we have no idea how to feel about it. Whatever it is, it’s still a strange feelings to feel. 

Hence to let those feelings came out, we gather some of our friends and family thoughts on how they feel about the new year coming. It’s a simple but rather a difficult question. 

“With just less than 5 days towards 2022 how do you feel ? “

Darin : 

“Scared, but at the same time I know that the universe has planned (hopefully) great things for me, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m looking forward to graduating (amen to that); to be free from exams and papers. Yet I also wish that I could postpone me jumping into the ‘real’ world, which means more responsibility, challenges, and pressure.”


“I feel relieved and proud of myself; that I was able to get through this year without losing my mind.”


“Hmm feel, I don’t know. I even forgot that 2022 is that close”

Basboi : 

“I feel grateful and content. I have some pretty downsides in 2020 and pretty ups in 2021. These two years has taught me to really implement not expecting anything on any aspect. I’m just planning my life 2-3 months ahead, and living it one day at a time. 2022 won’t bring anything new I guess, I’ll feel everything i have already felt, only on different context or scale.”


“2021 are full of surprises, a year that made a slow pave from the gloom of 2020 (laughter). At the very start, I had a very low expectation, and when it’s the time to get through it, it feels more enjoyable. Hence the surprises ! All and all to be grateful surpassing 2021 with a better condition than the year before. Cheers for 2022!”


“2021 is one of the best year, as I get to achieve my target. In 2022, I hope that Indonesia can recover soon, so everyone can update in their IG story without masks anymore.”


“Excited. Because 2021 got a lot of “turbulence”, so I became on an “autopilot” mode. So in 2022, I wish that I can turn off that autopilot button and getting back my control as a person.”


“Bruh, 2022 will be another year of our trip around the sun, uncertainty is up ahead, have some peace time with friends, or alone. Our time is too short to live in a rush I guess.”


“I feel like 2021 it’s more than what I expected. I feel in solitude with my presence and my surroundings, which its great ! To be very honest it feel kind of a bit like a challenge. Just hoping for the best of 2022.”