At this new episode of Public Picks, this time, PC Crew had the opportunity to walk around, look around and cover what Art Jakarta had in their event. After looking around, we finally conclude the three best creations at Art Jakarta, so these are top three that we’ve picked

Muchlis ‘Muklay’ Fakhri  – Trapped in The Sickness #1 – 2020

Acrylic on Canvas – 200x200cm 

Presented by CAN’s Gallery

Throughout Muklay’s career, the series he came out with always comes with his signature colors and illustrations. The art itself emerged in 2020, it’s a representation of what bothered us all during that time: the pandemic. 

Through our perspective, Muklay captures the idea of chaos within our situation, or what we so-called a chaotic euphoria of being trapped. The picture captured a man being trapped with a few unique beings and being showcased in a show. It seems that the other beings are in a euphoric state but the man itself is being tied up. It speaks about how a man and his joy in life are limited on their own. The idea of an ordinary life we lived now is being isolated, probably for the good of our own or even worse. It is indeed quite a show after all. 

Jompet Kuswidananto – Love is A Many Splendored Thing #2 – 2021

Installation – 200x180x120cm

Presented by ISA ART Gallery

This installation that was created by Jompet Kuswidananto is one of the arts that captivates the eyes of the visitors, why not? The installations he creates are extravagant and majestic in their way. 

There is a broken piano in a broken container, surrounded by many beautiful lights that illuminate the piano. The piano emits sounds and music that soothes the mind. This piano has many meanings for sure, based on the title, “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” where maybe Jompet Kuswidananto tries to tell that love has many forms and many ways to be explored. Things that are to be highlighted are that the aesthetic and the uniqueness of this installation are very good and pleasing to see.

Wiyoga Muhardanto – Kawan Duduk – 2022 

Pigmented resin, fiberglass, aumotive paint varnish, waterslide decal, metal structure and ready made objects. Suits of 9 works – 30x400x400cm 

Presented by A+ Works of ART A11

A bunch of designer bags sitting on the ground as if it was nothing. It’s confusing, weird, and captivates us when we see Wiyoga’s work. Using original designer hand bags filled with cement and resins. 

The art itself portrays how society accepts us by these designer handbags. Like the famous saying “you can’t sit with us”, it seems these days we can’t blend in with those who are in a higher status. A satire portrayed in an installation, to show the society that how these people who are rich (by owning these designer handbags) are often found with people who seem equal to them materialistically. A person seemed only confident to sit with each other if they are holding certain accessories.