When it comes to making a list of favorite films, like what we did the other day, we think those 5 films are not enough. Whether you spend too much free time watching movies — believe us, it’s always a fun activity to do — or just too many good films, so we decided to make a follow-up list from our Favorite Movies Revolving High School.

This time, we put back a few more films that we think have interesting stories and cinematographies. This film is unarguably always an option if we want to go back to watch coming-of-age films about high school stories.

Juno (2007)

This film is a combination of both comedy and indie drama about teenagers. The story is beautifully produced and has a clear point story, and to top it off, it comes with interesting characters. Juno might be considered as one of the most iconic teen films of the era, if not throughout history. As one of our favorite films, Juno managed to make us like him from the first time he watched it; from being blushed and also being critical about what happened in the film. Ellen Page’s role — now Elliot Page — as Juno, a small town senior in Minnesota who becomes pregnant by her close friend and admirer Paulie (Michael Cera) is understated here. Furthermore, this film can also pictures the idea of how a teenager faces conflict and has to make decisions that can be said to be difficult for children her age; having a child with a close friend, decides to hand over her child to an adopted partner, but the prospective adoptive father of the child has an interest on her. What adds more to Juno as a good film, is the soundtrack selection containing interesting musicians such as Kimya Dawson, Sonic Youth, Belle and Sebastian, to The Moldy Peaches which were the best at that time. You simply can’t separate Juno from the soundtrack.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Apart from the Napoleon dance scene which was quite memorable accompanied by Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” tunes, Napoleon Dynamite clearly had many scenes that made us state that this film was one of the most favorite teen films in the 2000s. Talking about a socially awkward teenager with everything around him; whether it’s supporting his best friend, Pedro, for the class presidency or dealing with how strange his own family is, Napoleon Dynamite seems to have a representative (and quirky) story for the young people who watch it.

American Pie (1999)

The first time we watched this film, we did not feel that this film was quite resilient. We find this quite fun instead. The movie talks about teenage desire that makes everyone feel nostalgic as they were teenagers and are curious to explore “it”. The theme of sex and relationship film-style has somehow become a staple in pop culture, even when you think about it, there are many politically incorrect things in it. But why bother? American Pie has managed to become one of the most selling teen films and become a pioneer of similar films in the future (although none of them match the quality of this first American Pie and how the momentum of this film first appeared). Critically, this film raises several issues that are neglected; the turmoil among young people, how taboo sex topics to be discussed between parents and children, and as well as other youth issues.

Friday Night Lights (2004)

This heartwarming drama film has a special place in our hearts. This film is a portrait of how the pressure faced by teenagers in their lives is real, especially if they have to continue the success of their parents. Adapted from a true story, Friday Night Lights tells the story of the high school football team in the city of Odessa, Texas, the Permian Panthers, in the 1988 season, which has the burden of winning the state championship. The burden borne by the players — who are the main characters here — is quite heavy considering they are former champions. Not to mention, the people in their hometowns who are completely obsessed with their success. Some of them were senior students, so this was their last year playing; like it or not, everything comes to an end, including your achievements. Support, ridicule, joy, and sorrow, were portrayed here in this film – making it a complete package. You’ll be touched when you’ve seen how their journey to try to be the best. This film also shows self-respect and respect to others as a person and a young fellow. Solely from this film, we can take a lot of life lessons from it.

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (2002)

Of course, this has to be on the list. A sudden obsession with poetry and Chairil Anwar, high socks (if you’re a girl in high school during that time), a timeless soundtrack; Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) is a zeitgeist, a film that voices the spirit of the times to become the most legendary icon of Indonesian pop culture. This film is not about a love story of an ordinary high schooler, this film presents what young people want at that time without putting it excessively. Who wasn’t captivated by this film when you first watched it? In addition, the casts were such a perfect fit to portray each character, the film directed by Rudy Soedjarwo can make us believe again that Indonesian films have a bright future, and now it’s being proven. Fun fact, if you watch AADC again, apart from being a means of nostalgia, there are many things in it that are not obsolete.