2021 is definitely something caught between weird and fun. As what we call it, ‘something stranger than fiction’. With all the weirdness it has to offer, 2021 has given a nice spot for various artists to be more productive on things they had to delay in 2020.

In this Public Picks, we tried to gather what’s we’ve been playing on rotation (to the point where it’s unhealthy) and definitely something you should catch if you have not been listening to these tunes during 2021. Here are some of our top 5 album picks in 2021 : 

  1. Turnstile – Glown On

All we can say is all groove, riffs, and passion. As what Pitchfork might say “It is not a crossover hardcore album that looks to transcend the genre, but one that tries to elevate it to its highest visibility.” It exceeds the listeners expectation. From something so passionate to something you would hear in a summer breeze. The 15 minute tracks serves you right at your alley for something that is hard but soft at the same time – such as the pink clouds at the cover.

  1. Milledenials – 5 Stages of Doomed Romance

From Bali with their own twist of Midwest Noise Emo – Milledenials one of our top favorite artists that you should definitely check out if you haven’t. The EP came from ‘5 Stages of Grief’ theory, in which they conveyed in 5 tracks. You can feel Nadya’s (vocalist) sound echoing through its first song ‘Kenneth’ which will guide you through the album. It was a fun one and can be listened in a very passionate mood.

  1. Angel du$t – YAK: A Collection of truck songs

Angel Du$t moved their genre from hardcore to jangly pop in this album and it turns out that angel dust still manages to make an album that is very pleasant to hear! 11 tracks that makes us move our heads move from side to side. It captures a warming familiarity through its ballad-driven tracks, slamming snares and leisurely pace, collating the idiosyncrasies of heavy music with the vestige of ’90s college rock. This makes the album a light one for you to enjoy.

  1. O sees – Live at Big Sur

A grand take of live performance. Osees recently performed a full live set at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. They later live-streamed the show and released it in digital format and limited edition vinyl as Live at Big Sur. It was a neat set that included a lot of material they don’t play often and an encore of cover tunes. It’s a very fun record and deniably a great live album (of all times we should say).

  1. Haim – Women in Music Part 3

As these three beautiful women plays some music back to their first appearance, HAIM brought something wide, multidimensional, and intimate in this album. The melody written with the classic twist of HAIM, something to enjoy for your summer tunes. You can hear a lot variety of sounds; from a gasp opening, voicemail skits, and the warm L.A captured in saxophones. All and all something you should hear.

  1. Tyler The Creator – Call Me if You Get Lost

Rather than its theatrical and emotional than ‘Igor’, this album demonstrates Tyler’s command of just about every aspect of the creation process. Tyler takes on the persona of “Tyler Baudelaire,” a suave, well-traveled gentleman with a sophisticated taste for high art. Successfully capturing the idea of boasting his good life which not only what usually captured in rap scene; money, sex, and fame. We can hear Tyler nostalgic sounds throughout the album. This deserve where it is right now.

  1. Butterfly 3000 – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

The album navigates a glittery, warped reality full of lush electronica and Gizzard’s choice of acoustic instrumentation. The group defaults to what’s comfortable, placing their efforts on complex acoustic rhythms that are fine by themselves. Doing some justice to their fans who are a big fan. The album are easy and sweet, something we miss for sure and light up our 2021.

  1. Pink Pantheress – to hell with it

The artist herself proclaimed that her debut what she tells as “new nostalgic”. The album itself was nothing deep-meaning or dramatic in presentation, the album was just a snippets of what built her as today’s artist that blew up on where she grow up – the internet. The album felt like writing your diary in early 2000s and no one needs to know about it. It’s short, sweet, and carries a sense of wistful sorrow, jaded to the world’s idealism, yet still believing that good exists somewhere.