In this 21st edition of Public Culture Plays, we’re kicking off 2023 with selections from MM Ridho

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MM Ridho or also known as Marabencana on the internet or simply just Ridho is a writer/shitposter from the depths of Jakarta’s creative realm. Known to transform madness into apocalyptic words in the twitter-verse responding to anything with his quick wits. Ridho is also part of the emerging experimental music outfit f00ry, channeling his apocalyptic words into the independent music scene.

Ridho described his curated PC Plays playlist as “a grim journey into the shadow realm”. Filled with an eclectic selection of sounds from Psychedelic-Rock, Spiritual-Experimental music, Post-Brexit Core, and many more. That fits the interpretation of that journey to the shadow realm.

Listen to Ridho’s dark descent here