In this 20th edition of Public Culture Plays, we are blessed with selection of cozy tunes by MAIRAKILLA.

Born and raised in the island of gods, Maira Yamanaka is half Indonesian, half Japanese, and 110 percent a colourful individual. She is a DJ, Bgirl, ex-metal drummer, who was raised around music since her childhood, and started her musical path in 2018. 

When it comes to Djing, her sounds are filled with energetic beats, funky sounds, and witty above anything else, which are unquantifiable to genres since her selections are very diverse, and plentiful. But it made sense for a Bgirl who also does footwork both on the dancefloor and on the deck. In addition being the very first female DJ who plays in Breakinvasion, a yearly and the biggest breakdance exhibition event in Indonesia.

She is now one of the regular headliners you can find on underground parties, clubs, and even that one distinctive stage in music festivals recently. Away from the dancefloor, she focuses on pushing local Bali talents, while teaching DJ to the young ones for talent regenerations. 

Click here to listen to the playlist she curated for us!