We know that a great selection of music could lighten up your day, night, and everything in between. Based on that, we decided to start a monthly series of music playlists, curated by special guests and contributors around; from musicians, artists, DJs, to our beloved friends.

In the 18th edition of PC Radio’s playlist series, we asked our folks from Texpack.

Indierock unit from Bogor, Texpack, released their first full-length album entitled Spin Your Wheel. Formed in 2014, the quartet fronted by Afnan (vocals/guitar), Dimas (vocals/bass), Pian (guitar) and Iqbal (drums), which are under the auspices of Anoa Records, had previously released their EP, Courageus on cassette and released by Tromagnon Records & Rain Records. Now, Texpack has become one of the most anticipated indierock band!

In this playlist, our fellows from Texpack try to explore various genres to represent what they listen and what they love in music and art as a group.

Catch what’s Texpack recently doing here