We know that a great selection of music could lighten up your day, night, and everything in between. Based on that, we decided to start a monthly series of music playlists, curated by special guests and contributors around; from musicians, artists, DJs, to our beloved friends.

In the 16th edition of PC Radio’s playlist series, we asked Pesona Experience.

Pesona Experience or P.E is Jakarta-based music collective that focuses on curating, managing and promoting emerging talents in Indonesia. Founded in 2018, this collective aim to connect and be the right extension for musicians to initiate a bigger movement to add more values in alliance. PE is home for BAP., BAPAK., ENVY*, Pullo, Flowr Pit, Aul Persneling, and False Neutral.

In this playlist, our fellows from P.E try to explore various genres to represent what they listen and what they love in music and art as a group.

We also asked P.E crew what is their tagline in running all these stuffs that they have achieved “Caretaking emerging music buddies circa 2018” – Pesona Experience

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