We know that a great selection of music could lighten up your day, night, and everything in between. Based on that, we decided to start a monthly series of music playlists, curated by special guests and contributors around; from musicians, artists, DJs, to our beloved friends.

In the 14th edition of PC Radio’s playlist series, we asked Anja. Anja is a DJ collective that focuses on disco music and playing dance music around different scenes. The peeps behind Anja are Marvel Putera, Tevin Aranta, Raka Hutomo, and Arya Sutoyo and was founded in 2017. Anja is
based in Jakarta.

We also asked Anja about whats this playlist about and the meaning behind all these songs is “As we humans are diverse, so does music too, we can enjoy music in every kind of aspects and every human can enjoy every kind of music.” – Raka Hutomo

Catch what’s Anja recently doing here