Courtesy of ENVY*. In frame from left to right : Isiah, Anima, Quest, Hazy Dael, Mazzi (Producer), Fat B.

We know that a great selection of music could lighten up your day, night, and everything in between. Based on that, we decided to start a monthly series of music playlists, curated by special guests and contributors around; from musicians, artists, DJs, to our beloved friends.

In the 12th edition of PC Radio’s playlist series, we asked ENVY*. A self proclaimed Jakarta based hip-hop group influenced by heavy-808 futuristic punk.

We asked them what is “Stranger than Fiction” to them and it would be time travelling ! “If we’re doing any form of time travelling, these are the songs we’d listen to our walkmans” – Isiah

Catch ENVY* on their latest release here.