Kinder Bloomen, a rock/neo-psych group out of South Jakarta, Indonesia.

We know that a great selection of music could lighten up your day, night, and everything in between. Based on that, we decided to start a monthly series of music playlists, curated by special guests and contributors around; from musicians, artists, DJs, to our beloved friends.

In the 10th edition of PC Radio’s playlist series, we asked Kinder Bloomen, a rock/neo-psych unit from South Jakarta, Indonesia to pick their tunes. Some of ’em are our friends, but aside from that, we know that each of the heads in that band knows what good music is. Judging from their sonic output, we can tell that they’re not only stuck into a particular genre when it comes to listening to and doing music; whether it’s the trippy jam of “Brainless the Third, on a Cloudy Mission” or the groovier yet spacey “Mobius Trip”.

Those kinds of things reflect well in this playlist. From the Beastie Boys to Yura-Yura Teikoku, this six-membered unit looks like wanting us to listen to a vast range of music. They also said, “We provide you with the utmost selection of direct and heartfelt chunes, be it for your outfit needs or your daily deeds lads.”

Go listen to Kinder Bloomen’s playlist below: