On December 7th until December 10th 2017 we took part in the annual Wall of Fades event for the first time. Started as a strictly Denim exhibition for local based brands, the event has evolved through out the years and welcomed other brands that has no Denim roots as the community grew broader every year.

Public Culture decided to join the event as we wanted to take part in the prestigious event. Offering new arrivals from Collection #07: *Parallel Existence* DROP 2, free custom Screen Printing, and our very own “Fortune Wheel” for the visitors has created a special vibe in our booth during the event.

All in all, it was a great opportunity for us to highlight our garments and had fun through out the event, especially seeing how everyone digging PC’s products. We’re always down for this sort of cool event, make sure you come visit us the next time we’re around!

Written by RA.