To mark our three-year journey in the business, we held an anniversary event and an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with Tantra (Bali) on Saturday, 13 October 2018. The celebration took place at The Moon, Hotel Monopoli and was divided into 2 sessions: Private Tie Dye Workshop during the day and a celebration party in the evening.

We invited fifteen Indonesia’s key brands and creatives to join us for the private workshop, including Deva States, Dibba, Elhaus, Paradise Youth Club, Bluesville, Dominate, Mote Mote, Ageless Galaxy, Capital, Brightspot Market, Neighbourlist, Voyej, and Imaji Studio. Through the workshop, PC aimed to strengthen the bond between the forces in the industry and encourage more collaborative work in the future in order to break both domestic and international market.

The workshop was led by Deya Ayu Defrillia, a Jakarta-based artist. She guided all the participants to tie-dye their PC 3rd Anniversary Friends and Family Exclusive T-shirt.

Overall, it was such a great afternoon of familyhood and togetherness. Scroll through the photos below to see the fun. Written by PA.