PULL OVER is a series of Public Culture where we interview various people.

In addition to written articles available on our blog section on our website; www.public-culture.com, we have also decided to do this in video format.

On this 4th issues of PC TV’s PULL OVER video series, we’ve had the honor to have a lil chitchat with Kezia Alaia at our office; KMI Headquarters.

Kezia Alaia is an author, poet, researcher, and interpreter with a background in Digital/New Media Studies. Her works include a 2016 poetry book, several poetry-informed experimental art exhibitions, spoken words features in tracks with the likes of Morgensoll and Noise from Under, and a full-album music video for Noise from Under which marks her first role as a video producer. Currently, she interns with a UK-based Web3 digital fashion platform, while managing her hot chocolate shop BLOB and her literary curations at NEUE LIB.

In her organisational capacity, Kezia is part of intersectional Indonesian women art workers collective Peretas, and an Indonesian representative for Toronto-based international women’s organisation FORA.

Take a peek at our short interview with Kezia below.

Q: What is the last book you’ve read? And what’s the book about?

The last book that I read, I’m not sure whether it’s “Psychopolitics” by Byung-Chul Han (or not), but it’s a newly released book; a philosophical book- but contemporary. Or when I was writing an article for PC (PC Mail). I reread a little bit of “A Cyborg Manifesto” by Donna J. Haraway. What the book is about is actually written in the article that I wrote, so go read the article. Hahahaha.

Q: From what we know, you like to write and read poems, what are your thoughts on it?

​​For me, poetry is really one of the forms that I happen to be comfortable with to convey something, the same way playing music is for you. If I can have my two cents on poems. I feel like saying something is a poem. The categorization can be very limiting.

Q: What do you think about NFT?

For me, NFT is just like any other medium, through which humans can interact and communicate. When compared to different mediums, the types of things and variables they offer are different.

Q: Does fashion influence you a lot? And in what aspect does. it affect your life?

For the longest part of my life? No. That’s actually really messed up, but back in college, which was in 2013 to 2017, I oftenly wore a bright pink head to toe outfit and paid no mind to it. I wanted to give an impression where it’s like “nevermind i don’t wanna look tidy and like someone who does their makeup”. I wanted to look like I didn’t care about my appearance.

Q: If you’re stuck in a deserted island, What would you do?

I will survive, at least I’ll try my best to, because I’m afraid to die, haha. So I’d try my best to. I’d panic at first, but then I’d  try to survive. There’ll be a lot of panicking, maybe I’d give up in the middle. Hahaha. Just pass out, I hope someone will save me.

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