PULL OVER is a series of Public Culture where we interview various people.

In addition to written articles available on our blog section on our website; www.public-culture.com, we have also decided to do this in video format.

On this 3rd issues of PC TV’s PULL OVER video series, we’ve had the honor to have a lil chitchat with Kumyka at our office; KMI Headquarters.

Kumyka or also goes by the name Ika is a music selector who has often played in various places in Jakarta. Besides that, her hobby of collecting vinyl has also become another highlight in his musical journey

Take a peek at our short interview with him below.

Q: Are you still active as a music selector?

Kumyka: I’ve received a few offers every now and then, but I’ve decided to wait for the graph (omicron cases) to die down for a bit before I continue playing

Q: The best gig you’ve ever had as a music selector

Kumyka: There was also this fun event called Monday Mayhem, where I was invited. That’s the first time I’ve ever played back to back with my husband.

Q: How many vinyl records do you have right now?

Kumyka: Well, I get asked this very often but I honestly can’t answer it, because I’ve never actually counted.

Q: Which superpower would you want?

Kumyka: Being able to stop time to watch a few series, have a nap, and when you wake up, you can continue to do other things

Q: What kind of music would you play(?) if you’ve entered the world of Alice in wonderland?

Actually, this band in my opinion, can make a soundtrack for the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. This band is a bit of a music library. It’s a combination of library and sixties. And the singer is a woman. So it’s kind of mysterious, but sweet at the same time. It’s called Death and Vanilla.

Q: What is your hope for this year?

I hope that the situation will improve and get better.

Q: Is there anything you would like to achieve this year?

There’s actually something I’ve been wanting to do with my husband. It’s just that it hasn’t been continued in a while. I want to help him, because he’s an illustrator, so I want to help create something. But this is just something we’d like to do, I hope it’ll happen.

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