PULL OVER is a series of Public Culture where we interview various people.

In addition to written articles available on our blog section on our website; www.public-culture.com, we have also decided to do this in video format.

On this 5th issues of PC TV’s PULL OVER video series, we’ve had the honor to have a lil chitchat with Denisa at our office; KMI Headquarters.

Denisa is a singer of distinct stories and composed passion, Denisa herself started her music career in 2018 because suddenly she felt interested in writing lyrics and came up with the idea to make it a song. After producing a mini album entitled Crowning (2019) and the last single “Collide / Go” (2020), Denisa is currently in the process of recording a new album.

Take a peek at our short interview with Denisa below.

Q: How do you feel playing at KMI Live/PC Live?

It’s nice, intimate, like a tiny desk concert. Hahha.

Q: Of all the songs that Denisa has composed, which one is the most meaningful and why?

“Comfortably Alone”; a track that I made with my friend, who plays guitar (at KMI LIVE) Johannes Abiyoso.

That’s why it’s meaningful, because the lyrics and composition is personal, based on what I was feeling. Like my personal life.

Q: Top 5 musicians according to Denisa

First, what I’ve heard since I was little, Dewa. That must be number one. ‘Cause I grew up with it.

Second, I’ve been listening to The Adams. Totally.

Third, lately I’ve been listening to Seringai. Random, but I’m an engineer and my dream is to work with a band like Seringai. It hasn’t been achieved yet, but fingers crossed sometime in the future.

(watch the full video to see all complete top 5 ?)

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