PULL OVER is a series of Public Culture where we interview various people.

In addition to written articles available on our blog section on our website; www.public-culture.com, we have also decided to do this in video format.

On this 6th issues of PC TV’s PULL OVER video series, we’ve had the honor to have a lil chitchat with Muklay in his creative studio.

Muchlis Fachri a.k.a Muklay, an Indonesian contemporary artist who named as one of ‘Forbes Indonesia 30 under 30’ earlier this year. 
Muklay has always interpreted art as a life for him. Started from the roots, now Muklay has gained so much interest from many active community and creating so much collaboration across genre.

Take a peek at our short interview with Muklay below.

Q: Hi Kak Muklay, how are you? What have you been up to recently?

Hello hello, thank you for coming to my studio. This is what it looks like, there’s nothing really special about it.

Q: If we may know, when did you start sketching and painting? And how did you become the artist you are today?

It all started from 2015. The first brand I collaborated with was a local brand called Monstore. They are still good friends of mine to this day, even still working on projects together. Our NFT project are also currently in the works

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration? Well the inspiration actually comes from me sitting here often.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from Instagram, the random and weird videos on Tiktok. The inspiration comes from there. It doesn’t have to have a literacy source such as a book. I just draw everyday. 

Q: Your top 3 local local musicians?

Bands? As for bands, I have always been a huge fan of Rumahsakit. I really like what they do, so that’s number one.

(watch the full video to see all complete top 3 and other interesting questions ?)

And check out the full chat here