In this second edition of PC Radio Top 5, we got the chance to talk and chit-chat about some of interesting activity in backstage with Syabil representing Golden Mammoth a very attractive Psychedelic band from Malaysia.

Every artist and musician has their own tradition and ways to cherish every moment in stage and backstage. So lets take a moment to read some of interesting stuffs that Golden Mammoth do in backstage, lets go!

I find it really hard to describe what we do backstage, to be honest. There are so many things that the boys do mischievously and it would be so unprecedented. What matters most behind the stage is the togetherness, I feel. No matter what everyone would be up to, I would always try to gather them 30 mins before our set so we could discuss little things like how the stage looks odd today, haha. So here are the little things that we do backstage to get ourselves excited;

1. Spam call the boys to make sure they found the venue

Most of the time, I would spam call the boys (especially Que and Ojay) to make sure they have arrived at the venue because these guys tend to disappear. This one time, Que fell asleep before a show and didn’t show up. So I called him 30 times but I didn’t get an answer (you heard that right Que, I still remember this). I wouldn’t blame him though, we all have full time jobs during the day. What happened after this was we had to improvise a jam for the first song with Ojay on the drums, and that turned out to be fun. You can call it a stage act I suppose.

2. Talk about things other than the show

I find it very hard to catch up with the boys as everytime we rehearse at the studio, we only talk about music and ways to tighten the set. So when it’s show time, I guess it’ll be easier if we don’t talk about the performance and just let it happen. We’ll take this time to talk about life updates and joke around. It’s a good way to loosen up the tension and nerves before going up the stage.

3. Relaxation and Preparation

To be honest, we use the backstage area as if it was our own house. We would get dressed, lie down, laugh at each other, and prepare for the show. Most of the time, we would do vocal exercises, stretches, or just have a drink before stage time. This helps us to get comfortable and feel the vibe of the venue. There’s nothing in this world that could compare to the feeling of relaxing and preparing while hearing the crowd murmuring outside.

4. Check our instruments

This is, of course, important for every performer. We would take out our instruments to see if everything is working as it should. Tune our guitars, keyboards, and jam for a little bit to warm up. This gives us confidence that our instruments are working fine, and if there are screw ups, blame the stage setup (i’m just kidding).

5. Unwind after the show

After the set, the important part begins. We catch our breath, discuss the mistakes we made throughout the set, find out why things happened that way, talk about that one crazy fan who hyped the whole show, whine about how tired we are and how hot the lights were and then discuss where to get supper.