In this third edition of PC Radio Top 5, we got the chance to talk and chit-chat about top 5 indie musicians from Bogor, West Java according to Texpack, indirock unit that you guys also have to listen

Every artist and musician has their own reference and top 5 list of friends and families from the scenes. So lets take a moment to read some of interesting stuffs that Texpack have in mind, lets go!


There’s no doubt about it, The Jansen is bringing the mid tempo 70’s punk. Come from Bogor and now is everywhere, aka the stage schedule is quite busy, so we often meet. Jansen’s material is really solid and when it’s live, the crowd is always amazing.


Alternative Rock Group from Bogor, with the release of “Pelicans” yesterday, made us curious about what the next Rrag material would be. Some of the new material has often been presented at their live and is very solid. It’s worth waiting for the new material Rrag.


In the Sundanese language, “Mun” means “If”, “Hajat” means “Celebration”. So the meaning behind Munhajat is, If there is a celebration, invite Munhajat it will be crowded. This bogor dangdut group/orchestra group danced very well and during the live it was really fun and energetic, there were a lot of costumes that could be said to be inconsequential but good for dancing. They also serve to fill events at mass circumcision, CPNS tests, weedding event and others unique event for a band.


Det-plug lust is a neo-postpunk solo project, from cycojano (ojan), Det-plug lust just released its first debut titled “Impression Part 2” by Tromagnon Records. You guys must must must listen to them


A new post punk group from Bogor, just released their first single with the title “Circle”. Andepp seems to be releasing some fresh material in the future.