Who loves to make art and creating something creative? ?‍♂️There are many genre and taste of art, depending on our own perspectives. In this new series of PC Mail, we delighted to show Muklay (@muklay) writings about art and his opinion about art and creative things these days.

Art These Days

In my opinion, people nowadays have started to appreciate art a lot more; learning different forms and styles, and how one chooses to interpret art. The profession of an artist, now more than ever, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially with the amount of local artists who are getting the recognition they deserve. From out of the box designs to unimaginable collaborations, for me it is a good step for us to show the world that Indonesia has so many talented artists that are more than capable to ‘compete’ on an international level.

Viewing and learning art in Indonesia has never been easier, with various exhibitions surrounding one’s art (with proper credits as well!). Right now, more and more of the younger generations have the ambition of becoming an artist. And personally, I’m curious to see the evolution of the art industry.

Art Major is an Important Major Now

Nowadays, art majors have become one of the highly chosen majors. The various outcomes and methods created by visual artists is what mainly have attracted people like myself to study and invest in moin Art itself.

At first, many people lack confidence and faith when choosing college courses or lessons that are less mainstream and uncommon in our society. But now, everything is different. Many art graduates have broken the stereotype of not being able to find their path and dreams, and to excel in the world we live in. Here’s to doing it your way! 🙂

A Viceversa Era 

Besides the fact that art is continuously evolving to develop and progress to the next level, we can see the expansion of the market industry due to greater space and opportunities. 

So what can I say is, go get your dream, go get what you want, start making it, explore more, and don’t be afraid of what you’ll create as an art is yours and yours alone. And please dont forget to do it freely and do it with your heart without any hesitation (Santai aja preen) Hahaha.