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In today’s edition, we got the chance to talk to Xandega ( @xandega ) about “New beginning of the year, what should we do?”.

2022 is for FFRM

The past two years just proves that we, as humans are clueless as to how to react and respond to the grandoisity of nature. There are hints of what will happen (Bill Gates was right and Greta Thunberg will most likely be right as well) yet we cannot predict how we as a society would respond. I’m still in disbelief that our lives have turned out to become a pandemic-type movie (Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion) instead of other more uplifting and inspiring movies; like a good sci-fi alien movie (Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival) hahahaha.

This just proves that the power of nature and the compounding wrongdoings of society are kinda hard for us one person to change. Therefore, at least for me, I will try to change myself and shift my mindset towards the most precious thing that we have that turns out to be fragile and fleeting. Ourselves. That is why for 2022 imma start a new project that will (hopefully) enhance my relationships with my friends & family.

My plan is to approach my personal relationships (with friends, family, and acquaintances) with a CRM (customer Relationship Management). I will call it FFRM. Friends and Fam Relationship Management. In a way, if we love our friends and fam with all of our hearts, we would take more effort to pay respect and appreciate them. Which is to take some energy, effort, and knowledge that I use in my work towards expressing my love towards them. Imma breakdown the different types of friends and family based on how much they care and take action towards my benefit and also tries to prioritize them towards my future expression of love for them.

If we kinda like this one friend but in hindsight is proven to do more damage than bringing happiness and laughter, maybe we should take some action and confront them. Though it is important to pace it out. Cause maybe, they do not realize the effect they they’re giving towards your relationship. Or you can also just let go. Invest in a more fruitful relationship that will ease you towards your happiness. And our energy is always limited. So we have to know how much effort, time and energy we have, and distribute them accordingly. Have an optimistic goal and conservative goal towards your relationship so you can plan well.

FFRM will be a dashboard where, instead of just waiting for our friends to update certain things in IG and you reacting to it (passive expression of love), you will be allocating pre determined time and effort to say hi and make quality time and just think and talk with your friends and family (active expression of love) and prioritize accordingly so you can get the most happiness, with the most efficient effort.

Without structure, especially for extroverts like me who generate energy by meeting people old and new, friends and family relationship will look like a jumbled up messy cables in the back of the facade of your smiling face.

With intent and caring, we can do wonders. But sometimes, the thing that society told us to do with our heart, like relationships with our loved ones, we forgot to put them equals with the work that we do. Believe me, when our relationships are great, every other things would be easier and more fun.