Honestly, we’re quite amazed that the first month of 2021 was smooth sailing. Entering the whole new year after a lot of things happened back in 2020, kind of made us more aware of our hopes, fear, excitement, wish; what we need, vs what we want. We try to be more realistic, yet still do have high hopes that things will be much better this year. You do feel that way, don’t you?

With that being said, we found a random idea to gather some of our wishes, plans, moods, or thoughts about how life in 2021 is going to be, in a not-so-traditional thing. For the past weeks, we asked people, including you, to send us pictures they’ve taken using smartphones, analog, and digital cameras that could be a visual representation of all of the hopes and wishes. 

Of course, we received some random but amazing images that are worth sharing. Don’t worry, we have compiled all of it for y’all below. 

If you have to travel, travel safe. (@jurassicphunk)
Still lot of things to deliver.
I hope in 2021, I’ll be able to be as laid back as my cat. (@wildankael_)
Take all the good things, throw the bad ones. (@supersonicsad)
To eat more pizza. (@bagussetnug)
Stay flashy. (@electric_worm)
2021: time to redecorate everything. (@pattimura.dennis)
2021: time to redecorate everything. (@pattimura.dennis)
A gentle push to everyone who need it.
Having a stronger bond with oneself, friends, and family.
To be able to make our own party.
Still going nowhere.
To feed more stray cats.
More bike riding with my dog.
To be as strong as Hulk.
Being pessimist.
Time to move on.
To be outspoken.
Looks like it.
Good at tennis.
More fun things, less typo.
Pedal to the metal.
Carrying the heavy stuff effortlessly.

(PS: Do DM us on Instagram if you have any photos to share, that could be a mere-representation of your 2021 wishes, plans, or something else)