A closer look at a collaboration t-shirt of PC and Basboi.

While collaboration is somewhat nothing new to us, the chance of doing it if there are any possibilities is always sounded great for us. Just like the latest collaboration we did with the Jakarta-based musician, Basboi. Known for his catchy and witty lyrics, plus his colorful and playful audiovisual delivery, Basboi has caught our attention since his first few releases, but specifically for his latest yet very first full-album Adulting for Dummies.

The collaboration itself is a match-made personality combined. Finding the perfect spot to explore both of our and his fun sides is not a hard thing to do, so this collaboration feels really natural. The output is also quite simple, a graphic t-shirt that represents both us and Basboi.

Here, the graphic on the t-shirt draws inspiration from one of his songs, “Come Over (I’m In Tresno)”, which aims to emphasize how everybody would feel when they’re in love.

Take a look at the editorial photos of the collaboration, which features Basboi wearing the tees himself, below. Also, read our interview with Basboi about his music and everything else here.