Public Culture’s SS21 collection titled Class of ’99 is here for you to indulge in. This collection is a 3 part series with Sport Style being its first. 

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High school as we all know are filled with ups and downs, with fond memories and even some that people wish to forget. But it is a part of the journey that gives us the chance to learn and be a better version of ourselves. 

When someone says the word high school, some people may be reminded of their teachers, after-school activities, high school sweethearts, and the obvious one; their clique. The jocks, the floaters, the brains, and so on are one of the most common groups that we get to meet. In this collection, PC wishes to re-live high school memories by giving our own perspective of these stereo-typed groups. 

Whichever group you feel most comfortable in, remember that life is your playground and only you get to decide what makes you, you.

Photographer: Angella Choe

Models: Branden Ruiz, Brandon Nicholas, Kyle, Jawn, Sahid Dickey