The full line-up of Collection #09: Anger Management has been dropped. Bold graphics on PC’s signature T-shirts, selection of outerwears, bottoms, and caps are here to refresh your wardrobe. You can also find our ideas of a proper anger management on this collection’s complementary items such as bandanas, notebooks, lighter, and button pins.

Special garments that we need to highlight from this collection is the Checkered Coach Jacket, Shorts, and Pants. Pair the jacket with the matching shorts/pants and effortlessly turn heads everywhere you go.

Through the garments of our ninth collection, we are expressing our rage, our refusal to be controlled by the society. If you, as well, don’t wanna be held down by the current perception of perfection, come and rebel with us. Not with anarchy, nor with riot. Let’s unleash the anger the right way, the PC way. 

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