Last Monday, the PC Team had the chance to visit meet our new friends in Panti Yatim Indonesia, Jakarta Selatan. In the what feels like a brief meeting, we shared some jokes, personal stories, and our hopes and dreams.

In the spirit of the holy month, the PC team wanted to share some joy by giving them a little something to remember. They definitely left a mark on our hearts with their contagious smiles and laughters.

Towards the end of our visit, we gave them Takjil (a snack that is consumed to break their fast) which they were equally excited about. Being able to meet them is one of the happiest moments the PC team has had in 2022 (and hopefully more to come)!

We hope that the friends we’ve met in Panti Yatim Indonesia (and every children out there!) are able to achieve their hopes & dreams. Remember to dream as high as it takes you.